Wait for the remarkable to happen... then touch to record
  • Dideye starts recording a bit before you touch the screen
  • Record as many clips as you want. Vlog easily
  • Catch your favorite team’s goal, and your friend’s fail…
  • Catch your baby laughing, and the lightning in that stormy day
Continue recording your video, no matter what
  • Pick an old video*    >    Continue recording it
  • Exit app    >    Relaunch app    >    You’re back to your video
  • Change cameras    >    Keep on recording
  • Play the video    >    Go back to recording it
Touch and hold anywhere to record
  • Leave any fingers on screen to keep recording
  • Lift all fingers from screen to leave it paused
  • Blazing fast transition from recording to pause and back
Special features
  • Hold your device upright, yet record landscape videos
  • All four interface orientations (even upside down)
  • No need to save the video to upload it to YouTube

Saves all videos to a Photos album.

* Dideye is only able to continue videos that were recorded with it.

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